Dave Teed and Jean Wilmot have over 35 years collective experience in transformative energy work.  They are both Reiki Masters, Matrix Energetics Level 4 Practitioners, and trained in the Bengston Energy Healing Method.  Jean is also trained in Electro Magnetic Field Balancing Phases I to VIII.  And some people find it comforting to know that they are science types too – Jean has a B.Math and MBA, and Dave is an Electrical Engineer.  Both Jean and Dave are coaches specializing in the area of Emotional Intelligence skills development, and are certified to provide Emotional Intelligence EQ-i 2.0 Assessments.


At the beginning of Dave's path he was working to assist his wife with the burden of dealing with her terminal cancer. In a pivotal clearing he achieved a gift of being able to reach into the source/infinite levels to clear unhelpful energies. It was this seminal moment within a peace-giving clearing that began the ability that forms a key part of the Relational Clearing technique - the ability to connect to source to clear unhelpful energies in relationships that are influencing our emotional and physical wellness.


Jean had a sports injury as her agent of change - in dealing with the injury she became aware of the energetic power of emotions and how they shape our being. This awareness allowed her to develop key techniques that are used today to assist clients to release their limiting emotional patterns to be able to reach for their dreams. These techniques are a core part of the Relational Clearing technique.  


After Dave and Jean joined forces to bring together their gifts of energy healing and clearing, they received intuitive insights with the Relational Clearing technique symbols and activations for rapidly clearing limiting emotional patterns.  These insights began to arrive through 2010 and include abilities and techniques which are used in their personal, distance, and online sessions, and have now been taught to many students in their courses. They have been guided to share their work with those who want to continue their evolution to a deeper place of centredness and wellbeing. 

History of Relational Clearing

We have been working together with clients to help them with their emotional growth since early 2010 (We have over 35 years of collective energy work overall though). We began to notice that before each session we would get new, very accurate intuitive readings of what the origin for the upcoming clients issues were.  We discovered that this allowed us to quickly get to the origin of the patterns which had brought the client to us and allowed us to create powerful change for them - it really changed things for us (and them). 

Then, in late 2010 things went up another level.. we began to receive more intuitive guidance of specific techniques employing symbols which allowed us to have an understanding - at source - of clients which showed the unhelpful energies in relevant connections (e.g. ancestral, parents, partners, events, etc). Using these special techniques we were then able to clear these connections and energies easily. This made a dramatic change!  Clearing these caused the pattern to be de-energized immediately! Clients who, for example, had previously been working on their issues for years had patterns cleared in a session or two. These techniques really energized our work. 

We received guidance to spread this work and began to teach it in a 4 level program in 2012.   Since then, a 5th level has been added to the program.  Many have now taken the course and are using the techniques to improve their own lives as well as to help others.