Recoding Your Physical and Emotional Health through the Chakras
Part I (Chakras 1, 2 and 3)
Saturday November 16, 9am - 4pm, Ottawa

We have seen first-hand in our group healing events the improvements that can occur for people in their physical and emotional health  -  from back pain greatly diminishing, to pivotal releases of emotional pain from events long ago.  We are so excited about the power of these clearings occurring that we have decided to hold several in-person events on recoding your physical and emotional health, working through several chakras at a time (a chakra is a major energy centre in the body, and there are at least 7 of them throughout).

Each chakra is associated with a particular physical area of the body and certain types of emotional patterns.  The more that we can bring balance to each of our energetic chakra centres, the better our physical and emotional health can be.  We are starting with the first three chakras on November 16. 

1st Chakra:  Our connection to our Family and our Tribe - Feeling Safe and Supported
Physical issues with:  spine, legs, bones, feet, immune system
Emotional Issues:  depression, anxiety, addiction, fear of abandonment or survival

2nd Chakra:  Partnerships and Relationships -  Financial and Physical Self-sufficiency
Physical Issues with:  sexual organs, large intestine, lower back, hips such as arthritis, chronic lower back pain, prostate or ovarian cancer, fibroids, menopausal symptoms
Emotional issues:  challenges bringing our creativity into physical form, fears about financial or physical survival

3rd Chakra:  Personal Power - Self Esteem
Physical issues with: stomach, pancreas, adrenals, upper intestines, liver, central spine
Emotional issues relate to:  not feeling “good enough” - fears of criticism, rejection, looking foolish

For each chakra we will discuss its emotional and physical attributes, and then take participants through a special channelled meditation specifically designed to help release unhelpful patterns in that energetic centre.  Following each chakra meditation, we will do an individualized clearing for each person.   
This is a special day at our healing retreat centre with attendance limited to 12 people so that each person receives individual attention.  The experience will be further amplified by the natural energies that surround our grounds.  It is sure to be a powerful day - register soon and join us for a transformational time!

Date:  Saturday November 16th, 9am - 4pm
Registration fee:  $170
Location: Las Brisas Healing Retreat, 1248 Corkery Road, Ottawa

A selection of beverages, fruit, nuts, and salads will be provided to augment the lunch that you bring.

Online Healing Circle - Manifesting Health 
Tuesday November 5th, 7pm-8:15pm

We began to work on our next event and a wonderful channeling burst in - urging us to share a very special technique for manifesting health.  We received a very powerful download during the channeling (wow) and when we repeat this you will too.  This download adds a special energetic component to the Bengston Energy Healing Method® for healing which is in itself highly impactful.  The Bengston Energy Healing Method® has over a 91% cure rate with mammary cancer in double blind clinical trials with mice.  When you attend this circle, we will describe our version of the technique as it was given to us and you will receive an energetic download when we do the live channeling.  Afterwards you can practice this technique that you have been attuned to and from what we have felt it it is wonderful. It promises to be like nothing we have ever done on line.  We hope you can join us.  The investment is $20.