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Staying Centred in Turbulent Times

We are holding a series of special online group events to assist people in dealing with the stresses of the COVID 19 situation.

- you can find the recordings of these events here

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     All are welcome

What is Relational Clearing?


Relational Clearing is a new and powerful energy healing approach for quickly lifting patterns that weigh us down emotionally or physically.  It addresses the root cause of these patterns by helping clear the effects of past traumas, challenging events and relationships with others that have originally created these patterns. The result is a rapidly restored you - the real you.  A return to the physical and emotional wellbeing that is inherently within.

Experience Relational Clearing to:

  • Clear life-long limiting patterns and heaviness

  • Transform your relationships

  • Step into greater joy and empowerment

  • Shift the root cause of illness and pain

Relational Clearing works by looking at the people, situations and events you are connected to in your life, and lifting the energetic patterns that are impeding you in your present time.  Clearing these patterns energetically enables you to more easily step into your natural state of well being, free of weights from the past. Relational Clearing is a quantum healing approach that works with your energy field to create rapid change.  It is particularly helpful for clearing the root cause of emotional issues, including stress, anxiety, grief, depression and more.

For challenging physical issues we use a combination of Relational Clearing and the Bengston Energy Healing Method to target the energetic source of the issue and support the body's natural healing process. Dr. Bengston has done extensive research which has shown promising results on its effectiveness for a variety of physical conditions.  Further details under Sessions.


We are not medical doctors and consider our work to be complementary to conventional professional healthcare. It is not a substitute for medical or psychological treatment from appropriate professionals. We strongly advise people to work with their medical practitioners to create a comprehensive healthcare plan prior to making healthcare decisions.  


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