Relational Clearing
Mastery Activations


This program and its' activations enable deep levels of clearing that we have found are very difficult to achieve outside of a group format. The clearings combined with the activations can provide profound and expansive change. The connection to the state of unity through the heart takes place over the initial 4 sessions, followed by the opening of the pineal and the crown in the final 2 sessions. 

These activations: 

  • Increase the connection to the place of all possibility - enhancing manifestation ability, where things start to flow in a new intention-based way.

  • Improve your ability to maintain your health as the deep clearings increase your capacity to feel truly peaceful within.

  • Enhance relationships as you begin to truly feel the voice of the heart and are able to express it clearly, while leaving behind that which is no longer in alignment.

  • Open intuitive abilities - as the clearings and activations remove blockages to the inner voice, intuition and its expression rises.

  • Give you the ability to clear others and assist them in their healing.

The material  contains video recordings of the online evenings which began on October 20th. Listening to the replays carries the same healing energies as the original live version.  

Video Replay for Night 1 held October 20th

Slides for Night 1 held October 20th

Video Replay for Night 2 held October 27th

Slides for Night 2 held October 27th

Video Replay for Night 3 held November 10th

Slides for Night 3 held November 10th

Video Replay for Night 4 held November 17th

Slides for Night 4 held November 17th

Video Replay for Night 5 held November 24th

Slides for Night 5 held November 24th

Video Replay for Night 6 held December 1st

Slides for Night 6 held December 1st

Video Replay for Share held January 11, 2021