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Ascending in the New Energy
Online Healing Events


We all feel it - the framework that we have gotten used to has gone and we are faced with near constant change - the guardrails are falling off and those that can navigate the turns safely will do well - but it’s not an easy path sometimes.  The next series of three online healing events, Ascending in the New Energy, is focused on helping us grow and evolve in these turbulent times.  

The material  contains recordings of the weekly global online events beginning on May 12th 2020.  Each event is presented as an album. The first track in the album contains the entire event, while the second track is edited to include just the Transmission: clearing, activation and meditation (with music added).


Listening to the replays carries the same healing energies as the original live version.  

Audio Replay for Part 1 held May 12th

The first event in the series is focused on the challenge of getting centred and getting that  feeling of control - that "you've got this", that everything is as it should be and that deep knowing that all will be well.

The first track in the album contains the entire webinar, while the second track has the clearing, activation and healing circle (with music added). 

Video Replay for Part 1

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