April 21, 2018

It can be challenging to make a change in your life - whether it is improving your health, changing a relationship, creating greater financial abundance, etc.  One of the key steps to manifesting these changes is to be able to regularly embody the emotions of that new...

January 4, 2017

#1 Focus on What you Want, rather than What's Missing or Wrong

The number one reason many people fail at manifesting their desires is that they focus on the gap between where they are now and what they would like, instead of focusing on the final outcome and feeling as...

Are you always trying to please others at your own expense?  Rarely setting aside time for yourself?  Not following your dreams because you're not sure you can achieve them?  Do you feel boxed-in and unworthy of having real happiness?

Using some self-guid...

Have you ever had the experience that everything is in good order in life but that you still have background emotions of fear, anxiety, unworthiness, and sometimes anger that really seem out of place -  but you just can't shake them? Have they been there for as long as...

May 18, 2016

We had a great time seeing you all at Cosmic Pathways at the Glebe Community Centre on Sunday May 15th. We were really happy to have such great attendance at our talk "How to quickly Clear Emotional Heaviness" and to have such a powerful session there with you all. The...

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Getting to Worthy! How to shift Patterns that Limit Self Esteem

July 9, 2016

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