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Webinar feedback: Thank-you for another wonderful evening. I can always count on both of you to raise my vibrations and bring me back to a calm and happy place. The work the 2 of you do has never failed to shift my thoughts and elevate my spirits. You have helped me with both physical and emotional concerns and as I have opened up to these changes for myself, I have seen an amazing amount of positive change in my family as well. God bless you for all the positive energy you share with us during your calls. I look forward to each of them. Mary Lee

Webinar feedback: "Dear Dave and Jean, Last Tuesday, amidst a very physically, emotionally, and spiritually demanding week, I checked into your webinar, dealt with tech setup, and settled in for more of your majyk. After energizing and grounding, I centred in on your voices and let myself take some notes (more centring) and then just let myself BE. And the miracle happened: Energy flooded me without overwhelming me into my usual ADHD. Clarity followed. And I felt lighter .... The sensation of letting go was like having itchy scales and dark weights float off and away. The next morning, my first clue was that I woke earlier than my alarm set for get up and go to work time. Then I found myself humming and remembering details besides those on my todo list. My day / job turned a corner and suddenly I felt like I was where I belonged, not where I had assigned myself. Since then, I have come to the realization that weights and recurring theme have been lifted; I am free to be me, to choose, and to live my own life with compassion and love for self and for others, especially those who have been the most destructive towards me yet are most in need of both love and compassion. You have done this for me, have led me to this realization, have taken me back to myself so I can carry on serving and helping others without sacrificing and depleting myself. Thank you, Jean and Dave". Blessed be. S

"Relational Clearing has relieved me of much of the emotional and mental heaviness and pain of growing up as an abused child and youth. It has enabled me to access joy more easily than before. I was so impressed I decided to learn the skill of Relational Clearing and have taken all of Dave and Jean’s workshops and am now applying these skills successfully to my clientele in my energy healing services."

Germaine D.

"I can't wait to talk to you both in person, because I CANNOT BELIEVE some of the things that have been happening to me over the past couple weeks.  ALL AMAZING!!!!  Like it's been ridiculous.  It seems all of the negative emotions I had for the people who have hurt me very deeply have done a 360 and only true forgiveness and understanding is present.  I actually reunited with my brother and my mom.  Although they have not changed at all, they were overjoyed to hear from me.  And I was able to realize how different they are from me and let it be... 


"Thank you sooooo much for everything!!  All your love and support is GREATLY appreciated!!  

Love you both very much!!"

Rebecca Aiken, Carp


"Both of you did a short 7-min or so session for my husband [at a group clearing event] last summer - [Prior to the session] On the same date - we had decided to Separate -but after the session the change in him was amazing! [Because of this session] today, we are still together - and with love and respect. "

Anonymous - Ottawa 


"My husband and I met Dave on a camino [de Santiago pilgrimage] in Spain back in March 2014 and we learned what Jean and Dave are able to do. Since then they have helped us a lot of times especially me, as I am a very sensitive person. Each time I have felt really heavy or have had pains I always contact Jean and Dave and I have got one or two (distance) sessions with clearing and healing and that has helped each time. Right now they have helped me through a period to clear cancer and I am back fit for fight and I feel being on the top of the world.
I cannot thank them enough, they are my Guardian Angels. My husband Svend Henriksen, my daughter Katja Kornum, my brother Jan Larsen and our friends Susan and Anders have all got help as well, and every time with big success. We can only recommend Jean and Dave. Thank you for being there for us."

Sanne Larsen, Ebeltoft, Denmark 


" Thank you, Jean and Dave, for another experience that has freed me from some 'stuckness' issues that have been clutching me of late.  

You are right ... I do feel lighter ... and more golden. 

What a blessing you both are."

Sylvia Melba Christie McGee, Carp




"Dave and Jean are master energy healers who embody humility, purity, and gentleness in everything they do.  I always feel safe and nurtured under their healing care.  After a session, the energetic effects are noticeable and the real-world changes tangible!"

Daniel Mauro, Wakefield, Quebec



"I wanted to let you and Dave know that the shift that occurred this morning has had a profound effect on my outlook.  Instead of dreading moving, I'm actually really looking forward to all the possibilities ahead of me.  I'm ready to jump off the fence and move forward.  I've realized that the location of the new house is less important at the moment than just taking action and leaving my current home.  All of which may sound simple and logical but I seemed to have been stuck in a place of fear and "non action" that prevented me from feeling or seeing anything but the obticles in my path.  I just want to thank you both so much for helping me with this and much more."

Sharon, Ottawa


"I just wanted to thank you both for a wonderful day....both of you have such gentle, but powerful energies that work so well together. I am finally beginning to get a sense of what limitless loving feels like. Rather than a form of currency that gets meted out according to others' actions, I am learning that I can send "love" and whether or not "they" choose to receive it or not, does not detract from my worth as a person. I'm not sure if any of that is clear, but it has been quite a revelation for me. Thank you once again, and I am very much looking forward to Level 2!"

Kathy F., Portland



"David and Jean have an incredible gift of helping those who are ready, to shift gracefully and successfully into a new way of being. I am a working Mom with two young kids. I showed up at their doorstep feeling exhausted, wrung-out and looking pasty 'grey'. Within one session we'd identified a path for clearing, and you have NO IDEA how much better I feel. We continue to work together monthly, because it continues to help me step forward in so many areas of my life."




"David and Jean are gifted and caring individuals who bring their unique talents and skills as multi-modal energy practitioners and active listeners to all of their sessions. They have the unique ability to help you to pinpoint areas of resistance, and to gently and compassionately help you to reflect and seek ways of moving past these to healing and growth. Every session with David and Jean has helped me to move past particular concerns and issues, and to uncover new potentials for myself. Thank you!"

Laurie B.



"From my own experience in working with Dave and Jean, I have seen a key relationship completely transform within weeks and old patterns that had existed for 30 years completely disappear! The activation codes that are used are extremely powerful and if you are truly ready to bring about change in your life and create a new reality then this is certainly a way you can achieve this!"

Lesley Cochran-Hulcoop, Almonte 



"I wanted to thank you for the work you did with me on Monday. The results have been remarkable. I have found many changes in the last couple of days, the most compelling is I feel I no longer have something lurking just behind me waiting and watching everything that I do. I have been able to focus on work; as a result I have gotten much more done in the last two days than I have in many weeks. I have made decisions and moved things forward that I had been hesitating on not only at work, but personally as well. There was a constant feeling of 'be careful' when I would go to do things that is no longer there. This is incredibly empowering and freeing. I am able to sleep better. As well I am more able to discern what is mine and what belongs to others. For an Empath that provides a peace of mind that I have been searching years to find. It feels like the 'be careful' has been replaced with 'everything is coming up roses'."

M.B., Ottawa



"I am so grateful for this Manifestation Mastery symbol work. It has been a total gift to use these symbols to lighten up our world. So far it's been one light worker at a time (animals and humans), yet I sense we can use this for group healing too. I have to admit I am seeing results fast with pretty well each healing/clearing I have facilitated so far. Some cases are very complicated and the results are not as visible right away, but everyone is making progress. It is totally AWESOME."

Rhonda Millar, Kanata 



"Dear Jean and Dave, As several days have gone by since my session with you of March 11th. I just wanted to give you an update on things! First of all I wish to thank you both so very much for the incredible afternoon! I came home and was exhausted! I went to bed and slept 14 hours! I woke up feeling very much like a new person! I had unbelievable energy! I had a renewed sense of who I am and a firm desire to maintain my balance at all costs! I have had a few conversations with my mom since and I feel the tone of things has changed somewhat.  I will be able to give you more details after visiting her in the next couple of weeks."

Linda Grossi, Kanata 


"Jean and Dave’s teachings at Manifestation Mastery (now called Relational Clearing course) changed my life. When a friend invited me to attend an introduction session on "Clearing Limiting Energy” I accepted with a quiet chuckle to myself.  “Limiting Energy “ spoke to something I knew was deep inside of me and had challenged me my entire life, and that despite years of trying I had never been able to fully dislodge.  And despite my interest in the topic, my habit of putting off “self care” and staying on my treadmill of my life almost got in the way.


I knew that I was affected by deep rooted pain and that I was different from the patterns I had adopted in life and by now would do just about anything to break free and actually live.  I felt like I had lived my life with one foot stuck in cement while sticking my finger into one light socket after another.  I never worried about the afterlife; I would be happy to survive this life.  It was exhausting...Read more 

Janice Dupuis


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Some Feedback from Relational Clearing Level 1 on March 3rd, 2018

 I attended the level one of the Relation clearing course. The day was very empowering! The following day I woke up with renewed energy and felt very happy with a sensation of joy and love for "MYSELF" and everyone around me! A few days later, I returned to work after 2 months off for anxiety and depression and I felt that something had changed inside me! What perfect timing for this! Even ten days after, I still feel a definte change in my heart chakra . I feel peace inside me and have gain back my whorthiness! Thank you Jean & Dave for sharing your gift! M.B


"Thanks to both of you for sharing this gift. The Energy was amazing!!"


"Heartfelt gratitude from my heart to Dave and Jean's hearts. Thank You! 

Namaste Satnam.


"There has been a person who took this course and their relationship with their partner turned 180 degrees. Thanks you - much love and Light & Harmony"


" I loved how the energy felt inside of me - I feel great!"  


Some Feedback from Relational Clearing Level 5 on October 14, 2017

"You both have made me see life in a different way and find the change that was already inside me. I thank you from the heart!"

"Becoming a better person every time"

"It was energizing and powerful!"

"Great experience, wonderful instruction - Thank You"

"A wonderful workshop .. Love you Guys!"

Some Feedback from Relational Clearing Level 4 on July 22, 2017

"I enjoyed the experience of RC. A tremendous group of like minded individuals. Exceptional teaching with specialized techniques. Thank you both so very much!"

"The application of these techniques has finished the connection to feeling extremely connected"

It has been a life changing [experience], my view of life is different day-by-day as I clear and healy myself" 

"When I asked myself my real intention, it was to fill my "black hole" with light so that obscurity would recede. Hopefully my wish will be granted and I'll be closer to the "angelic" side on me" 

Some Feedback from Relational Clearing Level 2 on April 15th

"Jean and Dave bring Intensely beautiful healing energy to their teachings which have profoundly affected me and my family. The Stories other participants share is mirroring my own experiences completely"

"Thank You for everything! God Bless You! Thanks to Susan! - Wonderful Space! 

" A.M. 

"I've been a mess the past two weeks & this session has appeared to have brought me back to feeling good. I hope it lasts. I intend to practice this daily given the pressures I am in."


"The Course was excellent and enlightening. Thank You." 

"I would definitely  recommend some people to learn about Relational Clearing or to have a session."

"Thank you both for a most enjoyable day. This course offers insight beyond measure."



Some feedback from the Relational Clearing Level 1 Course  on March 18


"Jean and Dave bring Amazing healing energy and help us connect to our own abilities to Manifest significant wellness and changes in major relationships."

"Enjoyed the workshop, group participation and met some wonderful like-minded people.Such a great way to spend the day. Learned a lot about myself and my energy & how to spend time, and steps to manifest. Looking forward to Level 2 on April 15th. THANK YOU.

"It was an honour to be around so many people with the same views. The energy - personally - feels different! Looking forward to practice in the future." 

© Dave Teed & Jean Wilmot.  All rights reserved.

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