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Sessions are available in person at our retreat centre, or at a distance from the comfort of your home.  In-person and distance sessions are equally effective  - we commonly do sessions for clients all over the world.  


We offer two types of sessions:

Relational Clearing Sessions

People commonly request Relational Clearing Sessions to assist with: general heaviness and a sense of being "stuck", parental, spousal and ancestral relationship issues, grief, low  self-esteem and empowerment patterns, and to address the root cause of physical issues. Sessions include a comprehensive clearing of relational connections as well as the heavy energies that we collect in our field through the normal and sometimes extraordinary challenges of life. The change happens at the source level - where patterns are cleared directly, neutralizing the heaviness that  commonly underlies them - without the need to undergo lengthy discovery.  The clearing brings forward inner health by unburdening your core self- the real you - allowing physical and emotional health to return to its natural state of wellbeing.

Clients say that after a session they feel lighter, more relaxed and at peace.  Many also have sensations of pain, anxiety or burdens being lifted, and insights into releasing old patterns that no longer serve them.  



Bengston Energy Healing Method + Relational Clearing Sessions

These types of sessions are most helpful in supporting healing at the physical level by activating the body's own innate healing response.  These types of sessions use our own Relational Clearing modality in concert with the Bengston Energy Healing Method developed by Dr. William Bengston. Also, both of us do the sessions together to multiply the effectiveness. We have studied the Bengston technique directly under Dr. Bengston.


The Bengston Energy Healing Method® is an innovative healing technique which can be done either in person or remotely. Dr. Bengston's research on the technique has shown promising results on a wide variety of physical conditions including cancer.  Dr. Bengston has been conducting research on this form of therapy for several decades. His research has shown its effectiveness In over 10 controlled clinical trials with animals.  

More details on the Bengston Energy Healing Method can be found on his website.


Please contact us at to discuss Bengston + Relational Clearing treatment Options. 

Note that we are not medical doctors and consider our work to be complementary to conventional professional healthcare. It is not a substitute for medical or psychological treatment from appropriate professionals. We strongly advise people to work with their medical practitioners to create a comprehensive healthcare plan prior to making healthcare decisions.  


Treatment Room 

Our Las Brisas Retreat is just 15 minutes West of the Canadian Tire Centre on 32 peaceful acres. 

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