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Opening to The Power of Your Infinite Self
A Transformational Online Program
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Impacts from ancestral and relationship traumas can have deep, whole-body effects on us and be embedded in our bio-energetic field.  They can influence our health, how we communicate,  and our ability to create a flowing life.  This program is a fast-track way to clear relationship issues, ancestral patterns and traumatic events that may have been hanging around for years and limiting your life.  Not only will you feel lighter - you will be empowered by the energetic activations which deepen your ability to manifest a new reality.  People who have taken this course refer to it as a "life changer" which has helped them gain greater clarity and fulfillment in their lives. 


Opening to the Power of Your Infinite Self Program will be held online over four evenings.  It will feature an interactive approach with unique content, powerful energetic activations and clearings, and discussion.  

    Level 1: Transformation from the Inside Out 


    Science has shown that each of us has an electromagnetic energy field that extends several metres beyond our body in all directions. Over time, our field - which is a blueprint for the physical body - can become imbalanced due to the inevitable stresses and traumas of life. When this happens, you may experience emotional or physical issues such as lack of vitality, acute or chronic illness, anxiety, depression, feeling stuck, etc.


    Relational Clearing is a technique for rapidly clearing these imbalances - returning you to the state of emotional and physical health that is naturally within.  Re-experiencing yourself free of the imbalances can be quite profound – many clients have described it as a life-changing experience.


    In this course you will receive a personal clearing of your energy field, you will receive tools to enable you to do ongoing clearing for yourself, and you will receive basic training to do it for others as well. These are straightforward techniques that anyone can learn.

    The course is designed to be a self-standing module, but it serves as a prerequisite for the other levels for those that wish to expand their evolution and training. 


    In this course you will:

    • Discover how your energetic connections to others may be draining you

    • Receive an individual energetic activation and clearing to lighten these connections and release limiting emotional patterns

    • Learn how to clear heavy emotional patterns for yourself

    • Receive a channeled activation to enable you to clear imbalances in others

    • Learn simple techniques for increasing your emotional power and ability to manifest

    • Participate in powerful group healing meditations

    Level 4:  Expanding the connection to Infinity and Achieving Life Balance

    In this powerful level we learn to master living a soul-guided larger existence. This level enhances our ability to truly master the balance between Soul purpose and our daily lives - integrating the two.  People that have been attuned to the symbols report a shift to a powerful enlightened joyful shift in their lives. 


    • Activation to the Life Mastery symbols

    • You will learn a new proven powerful technique for manifestation and healing 

    • Advanced meditation techniques for integrating Soul Purpose

    Level 5: Advanced Activations and Techniques
    Level 1
    Level 2
    Level 3
    Level 4

    In this level there is further opening to the field of the heart, with powerful tools to deepen this connection even during day-to-day challenges. With the use of advanced tools and the assistance of the further energetic opening to the heart, you will become more able to find balance between your egoic self and your heartspace placing you in a better, more joyful place - the place of our manifestation power.


    • Learning to release limitations to the field of all possibilities

    • Tools for deepening the connection to your heart space

    • Connecting to your inner wisdom

    • Activation to further open and remain in the Heart Centre

    • Hands-on techniques and symbols for creating magical transformations for yourself

    Level 2:  Deepening the Heart's Healing Power

    In this level  - you will enhance your ability to remain in the space of higher vibrational states, and be able to connect more fully to the guidance of the soul. The course includes tools and attunements to assist in opening the connection to your higher guidance. 


    • Activation for aligning to your soul purpose

    • Gaining clarity of our soul purpose

    • Getting and integrating Spiritual guidance in Life Mastery

    • Releasing blocks to alignment with your soul purpose

    Level 3:  Infinity - Activating Your Higher Healing Potential

    Relational Clearing Mastery Program 

    This 5 part program provides the student with the necessary skills and energetic growth to become a Relational Clearing Practitioner. Many also take the program for reasons of personal transformation.  The 5 levels of the program are usually given over approximately a 12 month timeframe to allow for integration and growth between levels. Each level serves as a prerequisite for the next.

    Level 5

    In this level you will receive advanced activations to further expand your ability to manifest in the infinity. You will also learn and have extensive practice in advanced techniques for using these capabilities for Relational Clearing. 


    • Activation to the Advanced Relational Clearing Mastery Symbols 

    • You will learn advanced techniques for manifestation and healing 

    • Extensive hands-on practice of advanced techniques 

    Please see the Events page for available course dates

    Four Steps to Clearing Emotional Baggage For Inner Joy and Health
    Photo: Camino de Santiago, Spain

    This is a full day workshop to guide you through 4 pivotal steps to releasing your emotional baggage and reclaiming your inner joy and wellbeing.  These steps include learning how to increase awareness of our emotions and the situations that are draining to us, applying techniques for clearing existing buried emotional traumas from events, parents, relationships and even ancestors (yes, we do inherit fears and traumas from ancestors that affect the expression of our genes- but we can change it!), and finally (and most importantly) learning to love and value ourselves more deeply.  Lack of self love or self worth are often at the core of our emotional and physical issues, so this last step is most profound in creating a major life shift.  

    We will teach you a step-by-step meditation process to shift challenging emotional states such as insecurity, unworthiness, anger which will leave space for inner joy and wellbeing. This workshop is designed to enable real change to your emotional and physical health, and techniques you can apply to the challenges of everyday life.  Join us for a transformative day and see the changes that occur for you on all levels.


    Please see the Events page for available course dates 

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