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What is Involved in a Distance Session?

For a distance session you will choose a time via the appointment booking system on the Private Sessions page to suit your availability. During the session we ask that you be in a quiet comfortable place where you will not be disturbed. We want  you to be in a place where you can completely relax! Both Jean and Dave will be working together on your session.

- If it's your first session we will call you at the time that was booked to discuss your intentions for the work and the results of any readings we have done. 

- For subsequent sessions (beyond the first session) we will not call at the start of the session - we wil go directly to the energy portion. 

- The energy portion of the session will take approximately 45minutes to an hour, and we will call you afterward to give you feedback at the number you provided on the form when you booked. 


What is Involved in an In-person Session?

For either a first session or ongoing sessions a time will be arranged by booking on the online calendar on the Private Sessions page. Please be a few minutes early if possible to allow a bit of time to relax. 

- For your first session please come prepared to discuss what you would like to achieve in the session. Things like - feeling stuck in my career/life, fears, anxiety with a parent, grief, etc. We will discuss these with you and and contrast with any readings we may have had.

- Then, there will be a table energy portion of the session with both Jean and Dave which lasts about 45 minutes to an hour, followed by a de-brief of the session and next steps discussion. 


How Many Sessions are Needed?

In our experience more than one session (three is quite common) is required for a longstanding issue, but a single session can be sufficient for things like short-term stress, etc. The decision is, of course, yours depending on how you feel afterward. We also have long term clients who like to drop in for an annual/semi-annual tune-up sessions.


Do I Need to Prepare for a Session?

It is very helpful to give some focused thought to what you would like out of the session. If this is not your first session, please take a few minutes to give some thought to what might have changed for you since you began the sessions. We would like to hear what you felt had shifted for you along the way. Lastly, take a moment to think about any feelings of anxiety, fear, or other heaviness, and physical stress that may be with you before the session, whether it's your first or later.  


How Can I Pay for the Session?  

For Distance sessions, payments are made via PayPal when booking a session (see below for Interac). PayPal accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Express cards. 

Charges for an in-person session can be prepaid using PayPal/Credit/Interac e-transfer(see below) when booking or by cash or cheque during your visit.

Interac funds transfers can be used for both distance and in-person sessions (use email: Note: For distance sessions with Interac prepayment please contact us to arrange a session time (instead of using calendar to book directly). For an in-person session (with Interac Payment) make the booking in the calendar and select "pay later" option. Then make payment via Interac.

What to Expect After a Session

After a session it is most common to feel as though things are lighter. Heavy energies often weigh us down and removing them can really be a joyful, freeing experience. You may need to have a very long sleep the first night as your energetic system readjusts. In less common cases clearing can actually give an uneasy/unfamiliar feeling since old patterns had become the norm - removing them can feel unfamiliar. Being clear may take some adjustment, but after a day or two the new you will feel quite natural. Lastly, there are some people who have no sensation at all. Time and again we find that the amount of feeling is not an idicator of effectiveness. It is best to merely notice what is different after the session, rather than focusing on the sensations afterward.  Through all of this we recommend that you drink lots of water, and get whatever rest your body is calling for. 

Is A Distance Session as Effective as An In-Person Session?

The two session types are both effective in their own way and from what we have seen are equally effective. We are commonly working with clients all over the world, NA, Europe, and Asia, and seeing equivalent results to our in-person work. Sometimes it's just nice to meet up in person though and we love that too.. it's up to you. 

What is your Cancellation Policy? 

Sessions cancelled with less than 24 hours notice are subject to a cancellation fee of $75.

How Often Are Courses Given:

It depends... Our Level 1 course is given several times a year, and the levels 2 and 3 are usually given in the Spring and fall. Level 4 is most often an annual event. These courses are driven by demand which does change over time so please keep an eye on the Events page of this website. We will post dates for the courses on the Events page when they are known. 

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