Relational Clearing
Advanced Mastery Activations Feb. 8 - March 1st
This program and its' activations enable deep levels of clearing that we have found are very difficult to achieve outside of a group format. The clearings combined with the activations can provide profound and expansive change. 

These activations: 
  • Increase the connection to the place of all possibility - enhancing manifestation ability, where things start to flow in a new intention-based way.

  • Improve your ability to maintain your health as the deep clearings increase your capacity to feel truly peaceful within.

  • Enhance relationships as you begin to truly feel the voice of the heart and are able to express it clearly, while leaving behind that which is no longer in alignment.

  • Open intuitive abilities - as the clearings and activations remove blockages to the inner voice, intuition and its expression rises.

  • Give you the ability to clear others and assist them in their healing.

This  program has  a pre-requisite of Relational Clearing Mastery Levels  1, 2 and 3 or the Mastery Activations.  If you would like to join us,  click below to email us.