Free Online Healing Event 
Tuesday December 15th, 7pm-8pm
If you have been feeling waves of energetic tension washing over you and around the globe, you are not alone.  As with our others in this series, we wanted to reach out and offer this meditation as a way to help people to stay centred in these turbulent times (which are not over yet!).  Come join the journey with us - see registration link below. 
Relational Clearing Mastery Activations
Starting October 20th, 7pm-9pm

We have been mulling over the idea to take the Relational Clearing Mastery Activations program online for a while now.  People have been asking us to do it for more than a year, and with COVID dragging on we felt that this was the time to begin. So it’s happening - we’re planning to give the course with its' activations over 6 evenings online starting October 20th (dates are below). The Activations will be the same as have been given in the Relational Clearing Mastery course for Levels 1,2 and 3.

For over 10 years, we have had the pleasure of seeing people step into a whole new framework for their lives, making the spiritual shifts necessary to enable big changes in their lives. Some become healers, some reach their life’s aspirations in love and career, but all change to align with their heart’s voice and have a door opened to make miracles of manifestation happen. 

This program and its' activations enable deep levels of clearing that we have found are very difficult to achieve outside of a group format. The clearings combined with the activations can provide profound and expansive change. The connection to the state of unity through the heart takes place over the initial 4 sessions, followed by the opening of the pineal and the crown in the final 2 sessions. 

These activations: 

  • Increase the connection to the place of all possibility - enhancing manifestation ability, where things start to flow in a new intention-based way.

  • Improve your ability to maintain your health as the deep clearings increase your capacity to feel truly peaceful within.

  • Enhance relationships as you begin to truly feel the voice of the heart and are able to express it clearly, while leaving behind that which is no longer in alignment.

  • Open intuitive abilities - as the clearings and activations remove blockages to the inner voice, intuition and its expression rises.

  • Give you the ability to clear others and assist them in their healing.

We feel that the timing of this program is particularly good to help people to deal with the COVID issues they are facing now. These clearings and activations will assist people in dealing with this: 

  • Better immunity and health by being able to deal with stress more effectively - finding true peace.

  • More stability in dealing with the constant uncertainty and change that continues to face us.

  • The ability to clear others, and support their health and immunity using the energetic abilities enabled by the clearings and activations. 

  • Being the light that helps others to find their way to a peaceful place during this time. 

We love doing this program and truly hope you can join us if you feel you are ready. Space will be limited to 12 people so that activations can be properly focused. The price for the series is $590 plus tax for those new to the program, and $475 plus tax for those who have already taken levels 1,2 and 3 of either the Manifestation Mastery program or the Relational Clearing Mastery Practitioner program.   Payment plans are available to divide the payments into three instalments over three months ($200 plus tax per month for 3 months for new participants or $160 plus tax per month for 3 months for returning participants). 

Those that have taken this online program will be able to use this as a prerequisite for the Relational Clearing Mastery Practitioner training levels 4 and 5 which will be scheduled for a later date. 

We will be recording every evening, so if you are unable to make a date, you can watch the recording and still receive the energetic clearings and activations.  Dates for the six evenings are below - each evening will run from 7pm - 9pm:   
- October 20th 
- October 27th
- November 10th
- November 17th
- November 24th
- December 1st