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Janis Dupuis Testimonial Continued.. 


Jean and Dave’s teachings at Manifestation Mastery changed my life.  When a friend invited me to attend an introduction session on “Limiting Energy Clearing” I accepted with a quiet chuckle to myself.  “Limiting Energy “ spoke to something I knew was deep inside of me and had challenged me my entire life, and that despite years of trying I had never been able to fully dislodge.  And despite my interest in the topic, my habit of putting off “self care” and staying on my treadmill of my life almost got in the way.

I knew that I was affected by deep rooted pain and that I was different from the patterns I had adapted in life and by now would do just about anything to break free and actually live.  I felt like I had lived my life with one foot stuck in cement while sticking my finger into one light socket after another.  I never worried about the afterlife; I would be happy to survive this life.  It was exhausting. 

I freely label myself as a caretaking, people pleasing, co-dependent, self sabotager from way back and although years of hard work gave me glimpses of peace every now and then they were hard fought for and I always felt like a visitor.  I have never quite been able to shed the pain that I know I dwell in and ultimately cause myself.  I hung on to “limiting energies” as persistently and insistent as ... a dog with a bone.

At the introduction session Dave and Jean were kind, modest, and unassuming.  As they explained what they do, our group was drawn into their down-to-earth “heart-space.”  I had really never met people quite like this and trusted them as they began a group meditation and energy clearing. 

I had immediate results from that first session and have since attended two of Dave and Jean’s four workshops.  When I ask my friend to describe her experience with Dave and Jean’s initial session and a subsequent workshop she has participated in she says, “I’m here and I love it and I’m gonna have some fun with it... I feel more self love and acceptance.” 

I’m here and my consciousness has begun a major shift.  Although I had to go in to the layers of my experience to get out, Dave and Jean taught me a process that keeps me moving.  It involves helpful symbols and how to remove the limiting energies myself and I do it every day with an intention of not only clearing past limiting energy but daily accumulated limiting energy as well. 

I have begun to notice things I haven’t noticed since the excitement of being a child; a teenager; a young mom; a best friend.  Everything is changing for me and I am able to get in touch with things that have been taken away from me by the stress and drama of my adult life.  As the change began I realized how I had been drowning in the loss of myself amidst so much noise and haste.  Among other things I am finally able to clear the path to recognizing what is good for me and really let go of what is not. 

I am once again open, connected, and able to embrace and enjoy the magic of life.  The emotions that dragged me down are at arm’s length.  They are now footnotes or small references at the bottom of the pages of the book of my life instead of the names of the chapters.  I am no longer the energies I had accumulated and that began to form and construct my experience.

I spoke with Rhonda ­­­M., a long time healing practioner about her participation in Dave and Jean’s Manifestation Mastery workshops.  Rhonda can hardly contain her excitement as she describes the impact of using Dave and Jean’s symbols and energy clearing in her work as “turning up the horsepower with clients instead of waiting for long term results.”  She says it has taken everything she has done and enhanced it and that when she integrates it with other healing modalities it has a “snowball” effect that has improved all of the cases she has tried using it on.  “The symbols have extra power that move you to a new vibrational level – when the soul is ready the symbols show up – clients will now find me when they are supposed to.” 

Rhonda is passionate about using Dave and Jean’s Manifestation Mastery Program every day to heal herself so that she is clear for those that cross her path and excited about the possibilities of the applications for group healings in places like hospitals, rehabilitation centres, addiction centres, shelters, and... The list is endless.  “This can become as big as we can dream it – we need to put it out to the world.”   

Dave and Jean are on a path that is not concerned so much with what the limiting energies are that you are connected to, as the continuous action of releasing them and thanking them with love for their lessons.  This seems to go against our need to understand our world which may be exactly the point and why it works. 

I referred an acquaintance to Dave and Jean.  She took her son to an individual session at their home.  When I asked her to describe what happened she said, “It brings tears to my eyes when I think of Dave and Jean and what they did for my son and I don’t know how to describe it because he was at an emotional rock bottom when we went to see them.  It makes me weep when I think of who I took in the door and who I brought out – it was two entirely different beings.” 

Getting out of our confining spaces and bringing the universe and its magic back into our lives feels like  heaven and reminds me of someone who grew up in an isolated small town and leaves it to travel and experience what the world has to offer and returning home, or not, with a whole new perspective.    

I cannot say enough about Manifestation Mastery and how it has changed my life.  To summarize Dave and Jean describe their work saying, “At Manifestation Mastery we are all about removing heavy limiting patterns and letting your heart’s voice be heard.  We use a two part approach to make this happen... first we use teachings at the conscious level to help us understand the power of our thoughts and emotions.  Second we work at the energetic level to remove the energetic drag that is holding us back while opening the door to the heart’s guidance.”  

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