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Thanks for Coming to See Us at Cosmic Pathways at the Glebe Community Centre in Ottawa!

We had a great time seeing you all at Cosmic Pathways at the Glebe Community Centre on Sunday May 15th. We were really happy to have such great attendance at our talk "How to quickly Clear Emotional Heaviness" and to have such a powerful session there with you all. There were quite a few significant clearings in the group session and we discussed them with quite a few people afterward. If you were at the session and would like to discuss it further just let us know. It was a great session - thank you all for your wonderful participation.

We also had a full day of mini-personal sessions and met many wonderful people. We want to give a huge thank you to our friend Linda Grossi who volunteered to help us out at the show. She assisted at our sessions area talking to attendees and booking sessions (while we did sessions) for the full day. We appreciate this so much Linda!

If you'd like to follow up with more clearing feel free to register for our Free Online Webinar - "Clearing the Effects of Ancestral Lines" (June 22nd) or the Introductory group session (June 13th) at the Carp Ridge EcoWellness Centre - details on the Events page. If you'd like a private session please book here.

And, we'd like to also thank our friend Andrea Karam for coming to take this great photo of our talk - thanks so much Andrea - and thanks to Stef too!

Photo Courtesy of Andrea Karam

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