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You don't Have to Live with Unhelpful Ancestral Energy!

Have you ever had the experience that everything is in good order in life but that you still have background emotions of fear, anxiety, unworthiness, and sometimes anger that really seem out of place - but you just can't shake them? Have they been there for as long as you can remember? If you do then you may be experiencing the negative effects of ancestral energy.

In our Relational Clearing sessions we can "see" the energetic "connections" to ancestors, past lives, parents, partners, friends etc that are influencing our clients. In most cases we do see patterns there which include the ancestral line. These are usually hard for people to identify for themselves because they have always been there - they grew up with them - and it seems that they are always present. They feel that the negative traits that have formed because of these energies define them and they often hang on to them as though they are a vital part of their existence. The simple truth is that the emotionally powerful effect of these energies keeps us from being our true selves - it is something that we'd be a lot happier without in most cases - and it is possible to clear this energy to allow our own unfiltered light to shine through a little brighter.

Many people argue that ancestral energy could not possibly be unhelpful - ancestors love us after all - don't they? Well, this is partly true - we have always found there to be love in the connection - but there can be other unhelpful qualities in the connection too. In times gone by life could be quite different than it is now. In those times fear and anxiety were important, keeping our ancestors aggressively and often fearfully striving for survival. Whether it was in a wartime situation, or when "times were brutally tough" etc the energy that comes through from the ancestral line can be in the form of very heavy emotion - as a way of protecting us so that we will survive as they did.

We have seen many examples of this in clients with ancestral lines that had, for example, endured racial or other persecution, or who suffered greatly in war situations. They were living in fear with little safety for generations. These people could never get settled and lived in constant fear for their very existence. Their energy can come through quite overwhelmingly to us - usually in the form of one type of fear or another - as a way to help to protect us. Though there is real love coming from the ancestral line - it can also imprint fear as a way to aid with safety and survival. While this may have been helpful for past generations in most cases it is not usually a fit for our current world.

One example of this was with a client of ours - a woman who often wore a necklace bequeathed to her by an ancestor who had suffered from deadly racial persecution. Over time she developed a pattern where she was unable to speak in public - her voice would fade away - and her livelihood depended on her speaking ability. Her fears had also lead her to be mistreated by someone at her work as well and the situation had come near the breaking point. Her ancestral connection was cleared in two distance sessions with us and as a result her voice returned. In the time of her ancestors speaking out was a very unsafe thing to do and this energy was flowing strongly to her causing her to have a constricted feeling and to lose her speech. As a result of the clearing, her connection to her ancestors was modified to contain only the nurturing love component - leaving the fear and anxiety behind. Her fear subsided and she could then wear the meaningful necklace and speak with confidence. Also, her connection to the person who had been mistreating her at work had changed completely - now they are good friends.

These ancestral connections are shifted in our sessions at the "source" level of existence. At this level it is possible to shift the energy of these relationships quickly - often instantly. It is most common that the shift is more gradual though - but still taking place over a just a few sessions at most. Although the shift is a rapid process, the individual has a vital role in maintaining it. It is indeed challenging to shift old habits - even if the driving energies underlying them have been taken away. It has been our experience that people that have truly understood that the ancestral heaviness is not theirs can, with determination, move past it to become their true free selves.

If you feel you would benefit from ancestral clearing you may want to attend one of our free regular online clearing webinars. They include a bit of discussion about a topic of interest and then we have a group distance Relational Clearing session. You can do it from the comfort of your home and our regular introductory webinars are free. We have seen some wonderful shifts in our group sessions and we invite you to come along to our next webinar. Private sessions can also be booked here.

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