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Three Keys to Creating a Fabulous 2017

#1 Focus on What you Want, rather than What's Missing or Wrong

The number one reason many people fail at manifesting their desires is that they focus on the gap between where they are now and what they would like, instead of focusing on the final outcome and feeling as if it has already occurred. It's a subtle thing, but energetically this is huge. When you can envision the final outcome in detail like it is already happened for you, this is the strongest pull to bring it into manifestation. Conversely, when you have an intention that is focused on "getting away" from your current situation, this really hinders the manifestation process because you are looking more at what you don't want (eg getting rid of that job you really dislike or losing extra pounds) rather than what you do want (having a job that you enjoy or a vital and healthy body that reflects your inner spiritual energy!).

#2 Help Yourself Feel Worthy of your Desires

The second key aspect that really affects our ability to manifest our desires is whether we feel truly worthy of them. I've run into this myself personally when it comes to building my own business. I had this wonderful vision of working with more clients, but at a major business conference this past fall I had lots of feelings of being much "less than" all the other accomplished women business owners. It took a lot of positive inner talk to stop my self-criticism and convince myself I have what it takes to become successful and that I'm just at an earlier stage than all these other larger businesses. How often does a part of yourself hold some inner beliefs or criticisms about your worthiness or capability to achieve your desired goal? If you watch for those self-critical thoughts, you can begin to turn them around by consciously stopping them in mid-track and replacing them with more supportive self-talk. It takes practice, but the more you do it the easier it becomes.

#3 Connect with Others who Support your Intentions

And my last suggestion is to connect with others that are supportive of your intention and truly believe you can achieve it. When you have several other people supporting your intention without reservation, it dramatically magnifies the energy for manifesting it. I think this is one of the reasons that working with a coach, personal healer, or a mastermind group can be so powerful. Others can often hold our intentions more purely than we can! We see this daily in our work with clients - the positive change in their lives is rapidly accelerated with three of us holding our intention on it. So find people who can share your vision and see your results multiply. Here's to creating a fabulous 2017 together!

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