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The Powerful Dream Journey Technique

It can be challenging to make a change in your life - whether it is improving your health, changing a relationship, creating greater financial abundance, etc. One of the key steps to manifesting these changes is to be able to regularly embody the emotions of that new state before it has arrived (yes we know - easier said than done!). We wanted to share with you a technique that we find very helpful in the process - it is what we call the dream journey technique. The dream journey is deceptively simple, yet so powerful energetically. Here is how it works. In this approach, we are not using our analytical mind at all. Instead, we allow ourselves the freedom to dream about a typical day in our desired future, immersing ourselves in that reality and fully experiencing the emotions. Most of us never take the time to really allow ourselves to daydream about our future and instead focus on just what we need to get us over the next challenge. When we can let go of our daily concerns and immerse ourselves in that future state, this begins a powerful change in the future we are creating. And the more that we can repeat this process of feeling our future reality, the greater the momentum we create for change. To help you in this process, we have recorded a free guided journey meditation called Creating Your Desired Future here. Take a few minutes and try this dream journey technique for yourself. After you have done this dream journey a few times, you'll find that you can easily recall a few images quickly throughout the day to bring back all the accompanying emotions that go with it. Do this daily for several weeks or more, and you will have a powerful process for manifesting your new reality. Try it and see what happens!

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