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Online Healing Series
Creating a New Blueprint for Your Health through the Chakras

We are so excited about the the healings occurring for people during our webinars that we decided to hold an entire series of webinars on rebuilding the blueprints for our energetic and physical health, working through each chakra at a time (a chakra is a major energy centre in the body).  In each webinar, we do a group healing and clearing of the chakra area and the physical and emotional issues associated with that chakra. 


This album contains the audio replays of the full webinars and healing meditations for Chakras 1, 2 and 3.

Creating Your Desired Future Meditation

Clearing Ancestral & Parental Connections

The Manifestation Mastery Activation Meditations

The Self Care Package contains three energetic journeys to help you regain your inner peace and well being:

  • a powerful energy clearing meditation

  • an activation to connect to your inner power

  • a transformative journey to create your desired future.  


Enjoy and watch the changes unfold!

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