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Online Healing Circle Special Download:

Reconnecting to Source


The root chakra - our foundation - is the focus of this healing circle.  Our experience has been that most of our strength - and our issues - start here.  Just like with any system - the foundation is so important - it is the connection to ground - our ability to be strong and powerful.  


This event has a special channeled message from the Melchizedek group and an energetic download which will redefine your connection with source.  The download includes an activation and clearings which are unique to you that lift longstanding blockages which have come from our tribe and our early foundation.  This new connection will allow you to connect more powerfully to the new realities of this time so that your sense of stability will be renewed  - enabling you to move powerfully forward in this new energy.  

The first track in the album contains the entire webinar, the second track has the channelling, activation and download, while the third track contains the group healing circle.  Listening to the replays carries the same healing energies as the original live version.  

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