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Healing Circle:

Recreating your Health

This online healing circle focuses on how the patterns which exist in our field can create ill health.  Common examples are physical muscle pain from stress and anxiety, food sensitivities, autoimmune issues, tumours, etc.  Our experiences in life, and their effect on our unique core makeup can combine to create unhelpful patterns that can grow over time - leading to physical and emotional issues.  Relational Clearing lightens the load of these patterns to allow the core health - our natural state of wellbeing - to come forward. 

In this circle, we do a powerful group healing to help you create a new energetic blueprint for your body and health.  The first track in the album contains the entire webinar, while the second track contains only the meditation portion so you can replay it with ease.  Listening to the replays carries the same healing energies as the original live version.  

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